Alpha Press was started by two partners who’s intials were D.C.B. and E.A.F. which when anagrammed you get A.B.C.D.E.F.. With this coincidental link between the alphabet and the print industry we thought maybe Alpha Print or Alpha press for a name - we chose Alpha Press - and that is how the name came into being.

For the logo we took the Greek letter Alpha and with a bit of poetic liscence, reshaped it a touch for the A, flipped it over , turned it upside down and there was the P, just a simple design concept which forms the basis of the fluency and continuity of Alpha Press.

We have had 28 years of continued success and without clouding the issue with meticulous latinity and erudite authority about what process to use, what wonderfull m and how se, what wonderfull machinery we’ve got and how brilliant we are, the only message we want to instill, is how beneficial we are to our customers.

Taking this aspect of our acumen and combining it with the most important aspect of our customer relatelationships, built over the last quarter of a century which is trust, provides the catalyst which cements the important bond between ourselves and the you the customer.

Please give us a try, you will not be disappointed.